Holy Smokes…

Man I can’t believe how time flies by, it has been so long since I wrote anything here, thought maybe it’s time to catch up. So many things are changing in the techno world, what a fun time to have access to all this technology. The iPad is still one of my favourite toys and has come a long way since it’s purchase. Not planning on upgrading to the iPad2 or iPad3 (when it comes out) but have upgraded to IOS 5 which has some awesome features and useable too. A world without Steve Jobs is slightly scary. Here’s to hoping the iTeam keep it together, from the looks of their 4th quarter report, things are still rolling along. I’m thinking Steve left them a big box of ideas and concepts to work on, which will keep them going for many moons to come. I have some articles to post, just need to get them finished. That is another day…

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